Tyrwään Seudun Zetoristit – Sätkätystä jo vuodesta 2006

Zetorists of Tyrvää region

Zetorists of Tyrvää region is a club for Zetor enthusiasts, founded in 2006. The first meeting was held on May the 29th in Rudolfin Keidas. About 30 people showed up to the meeting.

The main purpose of the club is to bring together people interested in Zetor 25 A, Zetor 25 K and Zetor Super tractors, as well as to contribute to the preservation of old farm machinery and the restauration of vintage tractors. It isn´t necessary for a member to own a vehicle, all interested parties may participate.

The club organizes various trips, gatherings, sauna evenings and tractor events. In the summer of 2009 we showed up in Tallinn, Estonia. In summertime we are involved in many events, such as open air markets or trade fairs. On request we can provide the public with tractor transport in the area.

Since 2008 we have organized a competition in the autumn. We call it The World Championships Of Zetor Ploughing. Last year we had 16 competitors and hundreds of spectators. This year it will take place on the 12th of September in Sastamala. The competition is open to all vintage Zetor tractors.

Once year we bring out a magazine with stories about old tractors as well as their owners and inform the readers about the year´s activities.

The club was registered in the winter of 2007. Now it has about 125 members. Friends of old Zetor tractors all around the world are welcome to join the club.

History of Zetors in Finland

Importing Zetors to Finland started in the spring of 1952, when Turun Osuuskauppa presented a novelty: a Zetor tractor. It already had features that other tractor manufacturers have introduced several years later, such as the differential lock, the hydraulic lift etc.

A Zetor was inexpensive, it needed only a bit of fuel and they were easily accessible. At that time you had to wait for years if you wanted to buy a western tractor. To pay for your Zetor  you could use partial payments in the form of grain, timber or other agricultural products.

During the period of 1952 - 1961 as many as about 13 000 tractors of the models Zetor  25 A and Zetor 25 K were imported to Finland. In post-war Finland Zetors played a key role in building Finnish agriculture to the level where the welfare state was created.

Fifty years later Zetor is at the top again. To buy a restored, good tractor you may have to pay up to 12 000 euros.
There area several Zetor clubs in Finland. The members of  Zetorists of Tyrvää region have among themselves the largest number of old Zetors in Finland.